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A divorce can leave one spouse without an income or without the skills to find employment. In these cases, a divorce can be not only emotionally devastating but also financially draining.

The Oklahoma City alimony attorneys at The Self & Spurgeon Legal Group, PLLC can help you with all aspects of your divorce. If you or your spouse needs alimony, spousal support or spousal maintenance, we will give you personal guidance and knowledgeable legal support. It is important to distinguish the two primary types of alimony. One type of alimony is for spousal support, and the other type of alimony is meant to refer to a division of property. Each of these types of alimony is further defined below.

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Securing Temporary Spousal Support Alimony in Oklahoma

In deciding whether to grant temporary spousal support alimony in a divorce, a court will look at two primary factors. First, the court will look at whether there is a need for alimony by one party. This need is most often based on education and marketability in the workplace.

The other factor a court will look at is the ability of the other party to pay alimony. The court will examine the party’s net income after taxes and monthly expenses in order to determine whether they can pay the alimony or spousal support. Our attorneys will work, inside and outside of the courtroom, to develop an alimony payment schedule that meets your needs.

Property Division Alimony, or Alimony in Lieu of Property Division

Alimony in lieu of property division is given when one party receives an asset and pays the other party the other party’s equitable share of that asset. For example, if one spouse gets the marital home in the divorce, they may be required to pay alimony payments to their ex-spouse to pay off the equitable value of the other person’s share of the asset. Alimony in lieu can be paid over time or in a lump sum.

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Dealing with a divorce can be difficult and overwhelming. With the help of a skilled and compassionate lawyer, the process can be made simpler, less stressful and easier to understand.

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