Are you looking to adopt? Regardless of the reason for adopting, we have the resources and the legal team to provide you with the strongest case possible in the eyes of the law. Whether you just need advice or would like to hire a lawyer to handle all proceedings, Self & Spurgeon Legal Group is here for you. We make your priorities, our priorities. We are also sensitive in our dealings about little ears. While it’s not ideal, we understand that sometimes finding short notice care for children isn’t always an option. We are always careful to be considerate, professional, and discreet when discussing cases where “little pitchers” — young children who are likely to “pitch ideas” or repeat what they’ve heard not knowing the meaning — may be present. In our blog we offer advice on how to explain difficult situations to young children and how to best help them through the adoption process as well.

  1. Adoption Attorney for Your Family

    The Types of Adoption and Why You Need an Attorney Adoption can be a special time for your family; it is when you can usher in a new family member and make a difference in a child’s life. However sweet, the adoption can also be heavily complicated,…Read More

  2. 5 Answered Questions About Adopting a Child

    Every year in the United States there are 135,000 children who are adopted. Though almost 81.5 million couples think about adoption, there are still 107,918 foster children eligible and waiting to be adopted. It might seem like adopting a child would…Read More

  3. You Deserve the Best Family Attorney

    If your family needs legal help, you want the best. But the best can be hard to find. You’ll want to take into account objective, hard data. But, you don’t want to ignore things that might be more subjective in nature.   Characteristics of a Gre…Read More

  4. Avoid Heartache, Know Oklahoma Adoption Law

    Whether you are considering finding your child an adoptive home or you want to expand your family by adopting a child, it is important to understand the laws and consult a trusted professional. Our best advice is to never go it alone. Call the attorn…Read More

  5. Why Choose Adoption

    Benefits of Choosing Adoption When it comes to adoption, the process can take flight in multiple ways. Everyone’s experiences with adoption are unique to their circumstances, however, the laws are the same. Here at Women & Children’s Law Cent…Read More

  6. Native American Law and Adoption

    Women and Children’s Law Center handles more than just divorces. We handle business law, estate planning, and criminal law, as well as other matters of family law. Family law includes issues surrounding the well-being of children, including guardia…Read More

  7. Do I Need An Adoption Attorney?

    If you’re looking into adopting a child, you know there’s a lot to consider. In the state of Oklahoma, the entire adoption process can take up to five years, and it can be a confusing and highly stressful experience. Frequently, those who want to…Read More

  8. Save A Child’s Life: Adoption

    Do you live in the state of Oklahoma? Looking to change your life, as well as the lives of others? Adoption can do that. Whether you are new to adoption or have adopted before, The Women and Children’s Law Center can help.   Adoption Statistic…Read More