Family law is the term for a wide variety of legal processes and it can be overwhelming to choose the right lawyer. Fortunately, our entire legal team at Self & Spurgeon Legal Group are highly-experienced in all areas of family law from divorce to adoption to juvenile law. If you need compassionate and knowledgeable expertise, we should be your first call! We offer consultations as well as offering full overview of all legal proceedings. Read our blog to learn more details about specific branches of family law. We also give advice about questions to ask your lawyers, what information you should provide, and proper courtroom etiquette.

  1. How Child Support is Calculated

    There are several important topics that need to be considered when you are going through a divorce, especially if there are any minor children in the family. The division of property, spousal support or alimony, child custody, visitation rights, and …Read More

  2. Sole Custody in Oklahoma

    Whether you are facing a divorce or a paternity action, one of the factors that will need to be determined is child custody. Determining custody and visitation can seem like an overwhelming and confusing process, especially if there is any disagreeme…Read More

  3. Divorce Lawyers Needed For Child Relocation Cases

    Child Relocation Cases and Child Guardianship Divorce can complicate a lot, especially if you are trying to move out of your state. Relocation, especially if you are recently divorced, can be an issue. For example, if you are trying to move more than…Read More

  4. Types of Child Custody in Family Law

    The Different Genres of Custody When it comes to your child, it is understandable that your feelings as a parent can escalate any situation. In the case of divorces, separations, and general custody battles, children can amplify any situation. Mostly…Read More

  5. Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney

    Family Law: Broken Down Before you can know the reasons to hire a family law attorney, you must first learn what family law is. Family law, in its formal definition, is the practice of law concerning legal issues of family matters. Specifically, thes…Read More

  6. Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents – Part Two

    In part one of our series of back-to-school tips for divorced or separated parents, we reviewed some of the challenges related to realizing that your custody agreement might need to be modified, and dealing with communication and scheduling challenge…Read More

  7. Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents – Part One

    Under the best of circumstances, joint custody is difficult for parents and children. If terms aren’t amicable, one parent is resistant to court rulings, or if children are having a particularly hard time adjusting, it can be downright awful. Throu…Read More

  8. Oklahoma Probate Law and Estate Planning

    No one really wants to talk about any of this. It means you have to confront your own mortality and think about life without your loved ones. You love your family so much that it is painful to dwell on death. But, it is because you love our family so…Read More