Family law is the term for a wide variety of legal processes and it can be overwhelming to choose the right lawyer. Fortunately, our entire legal team at Self & Spurgeon Legal Group are highly-experienced in all areas of family law from divorce to adoption to juvenile law. If you need compassionate and knowledgeable expertise, we should be your first call! We offer consultations as well as offering full overview of all legal proceedings. Read our blog to learn more details about specific branches of family law. We also give advice about questions to ask your lawyers, what information you should provide, and proper courtroom etiquette.

  1. How to find the best child custody lawyer

    You need an advocate. More importantly, your child needs an advocate. That is what your attorney should be. As important as your lawyer’s professional qualifications are their willingness to fight for you, their ability to understand your unique si…Read More

  2. What your child custody lawyer needs to know

    While it is important to make sure you have all of the facts about your lawyer before hiring them, it is equally important for you to be honest with them about your situation. Family law cases are always fraught with emotions. Even though these are l…Read More

  3. You Deserve the Best Family Attorney

    If your family needs legal help, you want the best. But the best can be hard to find. You’ll want to take into account objective, hard data. But, you don’t want to ignore things that might be more subjective in nature.   Characteristics of a Gre…Read More

  4. Modifying Child Support, Visitation, and Custody Agreements

    An agreement that made sense for you and your child at the time of a divorce or separation may not be working several months or years later. A lot can change, and the lawyers at the Women & Children’s Law Center in Oklahoma are here to help you…Read More

  5. When One Parent Moves Away

    It can be very difficult, even for children of divorce, when one parent relocates. Children of different ages will react differently, but it is tough on them at any age. There are steps you can take to make the move less traumatic for your children, …Read More

  6. Bringing Visitation into the 21st Century

    There are many issues you will face when dealing with visitation and custody after a divorce. Some of these issues may develop into reasons to seek a change to your court order and some will resolve themselves as life circumstances change and people …Read More

  7. Post-Divorce Harmony Tips

    In our last blog, we discussed ways to make the holidays go more smoothly for you when you are dealing with an ex-spouse. If you haven’t yet read it, you can here. We are going to continue in the holiday vein, but this week we’ll look at what you…Read More

  8. Holiday Visitation Tips

    The holidays can be a time of anxiety when it comes to working out visitation with your ex-spouse. Feelings can become magnified by old hurts and the fear of potential drama, and these factors can make co-parenting difficult. We know that you want to…Read More

  9. What is an Advanced Medical Directive?

    The Women and Children’s Law Center of Oklahoma City practices family law that includes estate planning, and every estate planning package should include an advanced medical directive and/or a Medical Power of Attorney. The importance of these docu…Read More