Family law is the term for a wide variety of legal processes and it can be overwhelming to choose the right lawyer. Fortunately, our entire legal team at Self & Spurgeon Legal Group are highly-experienced in all areas of family law from divorce to adoption to juvenile law. If you need compassionate and knowledgeable expertise, we should be your first call! We offer consultations as well as offering full overview of all legal proceedings. Read our blog to learn more details about specific branches of family law. We also give advice about questions to ask your lawyers, what information you should provide, and proper courtroom etiquette.

  1. What is the Waiting Period for a Divorce?

    Women & Children’s Law Center practices family law in the state of Oklahoma. We handle everything from adoptions to divorces. Our goal in all things legal is to make it possible for you to continue to live your life without major disruptions re…Read More

  2. Family Law, Women and Divorce

    Women & Children’s Law Center, in Oklahoma City,  is a law practice dedicated to protecting the rights of women and children. We represent women in matters of business, bankruptcy, criminal law, business law, employment law, and family law. Fa…Read More

  3. Do I Need An Adoption Attorney?

    If you’re looking into adopting a child, you know there’s a lot to consider. In the state of Oklahoma, the entire adoption process can take up to five years, and it can be a confusing and highly stressful experience. Frequently, those who want to…Read More

  4. What Is Guardianship?

    Legally speaking, when we talk about the guardianship of a child, it’s important to first define what it isn’t. Guardianship is not adoption, which is when the biological parents of a child relinquish all parental rights and obligations, and the …Read More

  5. What Is Family Law?

    It’s true that just about anyone can start a family on their own. However, there are certain aspects and procedures affecting the family that need to be handled within the legal system. This refers to family law, but what does it cover, and how do …Read More

  6. The Five Most Common Estate Planning Misconceptions

    Estate planning in Oklahoma can feel overwhelming, especially when there can be so much misinformation floating around out there. Here at Self Legal Group, PLLC, we offer comprehensive estate planning to ensure that you wishes are respected while ens…Read More

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    How do I Know If I Need a Lawyer?

    Are you being taken advantage of? If you feel that you are in a difficult situation at home, at work, or with a family member, it can be difficult to know if you need legal counsel if you have never sought it out before. At Self Legal Group, PLLC, we…Read More

  8. Emergency Custody Hearing

    Are you facing an emergency custody hearing in the near future? Or should you plan one? Self Legal Group, PLLC should be your legal representation and advocate for any issues in your life regarding family law, divorce, and child custody in Oklahoma. …Read More

  9. Problem Solving Tips for the Office

    Working in an office, as millions of Americans do, can sometimes be extremely stressful. Depending on the situation, there may be a serious dispute at your business which warrants calling Self Legal Group, PLLC. We specialize in employment law, but n…Read More