Oklahoma City Divorce Attorneys

i-divorceAre you faced with the possibility of an impending divorce? If so, you are likely entering one of the most challenging periods of your life. While nearly half of all marriages do end in divorce, this fact brings little comfort to those experiencing the process. Knowing your legal rights and protecting yourself through legal proceedings is crucial to both your future and your present.

At The Self & Spurgeon Legal Group, PLLC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we are dedicated to helping you through this difficult process. At our office, you will find a safe, comfortable, friendly atmosphere where your needs and concerns are our top priority.

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Dissolution of Marriage in Oklahoma

Our divorce lawyers can help you with all your divorce matters. From dividing marital assets to arranging child custody, we can help with almost any aspect of your divorce decree, including:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce issues
  • Division of marital property, assets and debts
  • Temporary solutions to solve issues regarding who pays the bills or where the kids will stay during the divorce process
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Post-divorce modifications

In addition to these and the other divorce-related services we offer, our family law attorneys can also help you to obtain a legal separation from your spouse if you feel divorce is not the right step to take at this time. Likewise, if domestic abuse or child abuse is an issue, our attorneys may be able to help you pursue a victim’s protective order, a temporary restraining order, or other legal claim against the abuser.

Contact a Cleveland County Divorce Court Lawyer

Dealing with a divorce can be difficult and overwhelming. With the help of a skilled, compassionate attorney, the process can be made simpler, less stressful and easier to understand.

Contact our Cleveland County divorce court attorneys and together we will work toward a solution. We offer reasonable fees and we accept credit cards. Our attorneys have flexible office hours.