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Divorce is something that most people simply don’t believe they’ll ever have to go through. It’s a process that’s often wrought with emotional decisions and general hardship. It’s very hard to navigate with a clear head, but that’s why you hire an experienced attorney to help you explore your options with ease. Here at Self Legal Group LLC, we’re passionate about helping people explore their divorce options with finesse. We understand just what a stressful time this is and we’re here to support and protect you throughout the entire process.


Getting The Divorce Process Started

Unfortunately, divorce in Oklahoma City is a bit more complex than merely submitting a complaint to the court. Because it’s a process that can often be full of missteps and confusion, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate the finer points.

How to Get Your Divorce Started

Have No Doubts

The first step in any divorce process is being sure that this is really the next step for you and your spouse. If there’s any doubt left about if you two should go through with it or keep working on the marriage, you might want to stop and consider the possibility for just a little more time. Big decisions like this should not be made when you’re feeling emotionally raw. If you serve your spouse divorce papers, it’s a step toward permanent dissolution of your marriage and is very hard to go back on. If you’re thinking about marital counseling or another option besides divorce, it might be best that you give that a try first.

Interview Potential Attorneys

Once you’ve made the final decision, you’ll need to find an attorney in the Oklahoma City area who has experience with cases like yours. Family law is a complex subject that’s often more difficult to navigate than other types of legal cases. It’s fraught with emotional ties and can be very difficult to navigate due to the extremely personal nature of the subject. Before you start interviewing attorneys, you should have a goal in mind about what you expect from the litigation process. Keep in mind that attorneys all over the city will come at different prices and experiences. If you’re concerned about specific types of assets, or if an attorney warns you that one part of your case or another might prove difficult, be sure to heed their warning and proceed with caution. You want someone in your price range, who can get the best results for you from the process. Find someone you trust and is experienced enough to make you feel secure in asking advice about the divorce proceedings.

Collect Your Financial Documentation

After you’ve settled on an attorney to represent you, you’ll need to get your financial documents organized. Divorce cases, as in all court cases, rely heavily on documentation. If you’ve kept good receipts about your phone records, car loans, mortgage loan and other financial information, you’ll have an easier time staying organized and well-defended throughout the rest of the process. If you can, try to collect all the financial documents you need before actually filing for divorce. Make copies of all the things you need and have several on-hand in case some get lost, or you need to hand copies over to your attorney. Some spouses won’t react very positively or pragmatically about being served divorce papers. They may put blockages in your way that make the entire process harder to pursue, so try to gather what you need before things get clouded in emotional strife.

Custody Goals

If a custody discussion is going to be a key part of your case, you should make it a priority to prepare for that on the front end of the process. Without extreme circumstances, it is very likely that you and your spouse will end up sharing custody of your child. To prepare for this discussion, review your work schedule, your other obligations, your child’s schedule, and come up with a desired custody schedule. If you can do so with your spouse, that would make the process far easier. If you can’t manage that however, Self Legal Group LLC has experience in custody matters and can help you navigate that portion of the divorce as well.

Organize a New Living Situation

If you don’t want to stay in the same house as your spouse while you go through the divorce process, it’s probably a good idea to make a plan about where you’re going to live. Do you want to move? Do you want your spouse to move out? Your living situation should be a top-of-mind consideration as you proceed. Be cautious too, because how you behave in the weeks and months leading up to the divorce will affect how the court rules on who gets to keep the marital residence. For example, if you move in with a relative or a friend during the divorce, it will change how the court sees the living arrangements and may not work in your favor. Before you start finding a new living situation, talk to your attorney and explore your options first.

Sort Joint Bank & Credit Cards

Sorting through your joined finances is going to be one of the more difficult parts of the divorce process. Depending on your individual situation, your attorney may advise you to leave them be or separate them at the start of the process. You won’t want to get in a situation where you’re still sharing money and potential debts with someone who might lash out about the situation. Your financial situation could take the entire divorce to get you both seperated effectively. Rely on your attorney to let you know how to handle this part of the divorce process.

Don’t Pretend to Be Single

If the divorce papers haven’t gone through, you should avoid living your life like a single person might until they do. In other words, having a relationship with another person while you’re still married might be considered adultery in some courts, even when you and your spouse are separated. Plus, any money you spend on another person out of the shared funds accounts might be treated as a dissipation of the marital estate. You could end up having to reimburse your spouse for these expenses. Speak with your attorney about your needs moving forward in order to craft a more well-structured living situation plan during your divorce.

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If you’re ready to start pursuing your divorce with an experienced guide in your corner, reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation. We have years of experience in family law and can help you navigate paternity, custody, alimony, guardianships, and relocations as you need them. Discover more about our philosophies and the value we can provide to your case. Reach out to us today!

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