Going through a divorce is often an emotionally difficult and stressful process, and, often times, it’s not as simple as signing a document and parting ways. It is important that you hire a qualified divorce lawyer to help you through all items that come along with divorce proceedings. Here are some of the most common topics seen by our Oklahoma City divorce attorneys:

Child Support
There are many factors that are taken into consideration when the amount of child support is calculated. These factors typically include each parent’s income, each parent’s ability to pay, the income of the custodial parent if there is one, and the needs of the child, such as existing health insurance, education, day care costs, and the child’s existing standard of living. Again, our divorce attorneys especially want children’s lives to be disrupted as little as possible when they are indirectly involved in a divorce. Learn more about child support here.
Child Custody and Visitation Rights
Similar to child support, there are also several factors that play a part in how the judge decides who gets custody of a child and how visitation rights are established. These factors can include the preference of the child, the relationship they have with each parent, mental and physical health of each parent, the wishes of the parents, the age of the child, living accommodations, the potential impact on the child’s education and other activities, and more. Learn more about child custody here.
Spousal Support/Alimony
When deciding spousal support or alimony, the judge aims to maintain the existing standard of living of each party. The judge will look at financials and assets, the duration of the marriage, professional experience and skills, earning potential, contributions to the marriage, future parenting responsibilities, and more. At Self Legal Group, PLLC, our divorce attorneys will fight hard to ensure that you get the support you need. Learn more about alimony here.
Post-Divorce Modifications
After the divorce is finalized, if you believe certain terms are unfair, you have the right to potentially modify the judgments. If you believe you deserve a higher alimony payment, that you need more child support, or you weren’t awarded the visitation or custody rights you were expecting, Self Legal Group, PLLC will help you achieve a more appropriate outcome. Learn more about post-divorce modifications here.