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Modifications of Child Support

Curious About Custody Issues?


Be Flexible With The Circumstances

Divorce decrees are often made based on an individual’s current circumstances. They’re made to deal with the matter at the time. And it makes sense because there’s more to divorce than handling child support and visitation guidelines. There’s the matter of dividing up a lifetime of financial gains and losses and so much more. Thus, it’s no surprise that child custody and visitations are often modified down the road to cater to one spouse’s needs or rights more favourably after all has settled and life has begun to change again. Luckily, modifying your visitation, child support and custody rights down the road doesn’t have to be a big deal with Self Legal Group at your side.


Reasons You Might Modify Custody, Visitation & Support

  • Emergency concerning the child
  • Relocation of one parent
  • Job changes for one parent
  • Positive improvements for child
  • Where the child wants to live
  • Visitation rights not exercised
  • And more

Depending on a variety of circumstances, you may find yourself in need at some point of child custody, visitation or support modification with your ex-spouse. To proceed, you’ll need to file in  court, which was the last to enter an order in regard to the child or children in question. Any person affected by the court order can file a modification to the agreement with the court for any viable grounds. You’ll need to wait a year after the original agreement was drafted and signed, unless it's an emergency, at which point you’ll be able to pursue a modification in a shorter time frame. 

There are several ways that you can modify such an agreement. If, for example, you need to move to a new state for a job opportunity and you’re worried about how it will affect your visitation, you may want to bring the matter to court to draft out new guidelines for how your ex-spouse should conduct themselves. Or, for example, if you are paying child support and get a significant pay decrease, you could apply for more reasonable terms due to your current situation. 

Whatever the matter is, Self Legal Group is here to make it easy to navigate the court system and seek out a more amicable compromise in regard to your parental rights. We have extensive experience with family law matters in Oklahoma City and we can offer insight and direction on how to handle your case with finesse. 

If you’re ready to proceed and start pursuing a modification to your parental rights and child support expectations, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re eager to schedule a consultation and get to know you and your situation so we can begin advising you on the correct course of action. Whether you’re dealing with complex family law matters or merely amicable and friendly rearranging of court agreements, we’re here to help ease the stress of the matter however we can. Let’s get started today.

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If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your divorce and you are unsure about your custody rights, reach out to us. We’re always happy to have an initial consultation and speak with you about your expectations and your current situation. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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