Oklahoma Compliance Attorneys

Complying with state and federal regulations is a never-ending process for businesses and companies. The attorneys of The Self Legal Group, PLLC, recognize the evolving nature of administrative regulations and how they impact companies concerned to maintain their position in the marketplace. That is why our lawyers establish ongoing, consultative relationships with small and medium-sized businesses impacted by licensing and regulatory requirements. While our attorneys have extensive experience in insurance law and in working with third party administrators, we also have the knowledge and resources needed to represent insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, medical / pharmaceutical companies, real estate agencies, engineering firms, developers, and food and beverage companies, and virtually any business needs your company may have.

For more information regarding our legal practice and how we can help you, contact administrative and regulatory attorneys at Self Legal Group, PLLC today.

Addressing Administrative and Regulatory Compliance Issues

We counsel and represent clients in regard to the following administrative and compliance issues:

  • Alcohol and beverage regulations and compliance (ABLE)
  • Board certifications for professionals
  • Licensing and board certifications
  • Environmental regulatory and compliance issues (EPA)
  • Employment matters (unemployment, Department of Labor)
  • Health department inquires and compliance
  • OSHA standards and compliance
  • Federal Trade Bureau investigations
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Tax issues and IRS investigations
  • EEOC compliance and discrimination in the workplace
  • Insurance Departments and Commissioners
  • Compliance with FCC requirements
  • Optometry Board
  • Oklahoma state agencies
  • University hospital boards
  • Workers’ compensation boards
  • Licensing boards

Being Prepared, Avoiding Legal Complications

We have represented countless clients in literally thousands of licensing, permit, compliance, and qualification cases. We handle cease and desist orders, inquiries on regulatory matters by state and federal agencies, licensing applications, certificates of authority, and permits. If your business or professional licenses are under scrutiny or are up for renewal, contact the administrative and regulatory compliance attorneys at The Self Legal Group, PLLC today.