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Uncontested Divorce

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Are You & Your Ex-Spouse Looking For a Smoother Route?

If you’re not interested in the court battles that can ensue during a divorce and you both feel amicably about your split, you have the option of pursuing an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma City. This could simplify the entire procedure and save you both money and heartache. If it’s an option for your particular situation, we always recommend seeking an uncontested divorce first. Luckily, with the right legal council, it’s easy to acquire.


The Basics of Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma City:

  • You Don’t Have Any Financial Disputes With Your Spouse
    • No Child Custody Needs
    • No Alimony Needs
  • Both People Agree to the Divorce (will both attend divorce proceedings freely) 
  • No contesting of child support
  • No contesting of property distribution
  • No contesting of spousal support
  • Entirely non-confrontational
  • Benefits of Uncontested Divorce:
    • Streamlined procedure
    • Lower court costs
    • Lower attorney costs
  • Disadvantages of Uncontested Divorce
    • Custody decisions often come into question later
    • Child support decisions are less clear-cut
    • Property division cannot be contested

Supportive and Compassionate Divorce Lawyers

Not all divorces have to turn into an ugly battle. If you and your spouse have decided upon on uncontested divorce, you can avoid a lot of discord. Even if you agree on a divorce, you may not agree on what an equitable distribution of your wealth will look like or what the child custody arrangement will be. Don't agree to any terms before you speak to one of our family law attorneys. Call Self Legal Group, PLLC to represent your interests. 

To learn more about Oklahoma family law, visit our Family Law Information Center and FAQ page.

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