1. An image of a couple.

    Stats About Divorce

    Divorce can feel like an isolating process, especially if you were raised by parents who remained married your entire life. However, it’s important to realize that divorce isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Divorce is incredibly common in the Unite…Read More

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    How A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You At This Time

    During a divorce, your goal is usually to reach an agreement with as little hassle as possible. Sometimes, it may feel tempting to go at it alone. Most aspects of a divorce can be completed by individual parties without outside help. However, that ca…Read More

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    How to Know If It’s Time For a Divorce

    A happy marriage is hard work. Unfortunately, a marriage cannot always sustain itself based upon love alone. Healthy partnerships require effort, boundaries, and effective communication if they are to succeed. If you’re found yourself Googling divo…Read More

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    Is Getting A Divorce Lawyer Worth It?

    Divorce is a lengthy process that is taxing for both your mental and financial health. As you consider your options, you probably question the value of hiring divorce lawyers. Divorce impacts your credit, business, and estate plan. Therefore, it’s …Read More

  5. Tips For Keeping Your Divorce Civil

    Divorce is hard on everyone. It is hard calling it quits on someone you thought was going to be your lifelong partner. It is hard for your children to deal with. It is hard going through the process and sorting out all of the details. But, sometimes …Read More

  6. How Child Support is Calculated

    There are several important topics that need to be considered when you are going through a divorce, especially if there are any minor children in the family. The division of property, spousal support or alimony, child custody, visitation rights, and …Read More

  7. Sole Custody in Oklahoma

    Whether you are facing a divorce or a paternity action, one of the factors that will need to be determined is child custody. Determining custody and visitation can seem like an overwhelming and confusing process, especially if there is any disagreeme…Read More