1. Being Upfront About Divorce With Your Child Is Important

    Just Tell Them: Being Upfront With Your Children About Divorce Divorce is awful — for everyone. No matter how mutual a divorce is, the act of divorce can be devastating for everyone involved; things are changing and a house is being split in two. But though the idea from splitting up from your ex …Read More

  2. How to Tell Your Kids You Are Getting a Divorce

    How to tell your children difficult news Unfortunately, telling your kids that you are getting a divorce is not the same as telling them their dog “ran away.” No, the process is a lot more complicated and painful for everyone involved. Because telling your kids that you are getting a divorce can…Read More

  3. Divorce Lawyers Needed For Child Relocation Cases

    Child Relocation Cases and Child Guardianship Divorce can complicate a lot, especially if you are trying to move out of your state. Relocation, especially if you are recently divorced, can be an issue. For example, if you are trying to move more than 75 miles away, you may have to hire a divorce law…Read More

  4. 10 Reasons Getting a Divorce is Better Than Staying Together Part 2

    Leave Your Unhappy Marriage In part one of this blog series, we discussed some of the reasons why leaving an unhappy marriage is better for you and your family. We will continue our list, as well as recommend a legal office to help you achieve a divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible. 6. Don…Read More

  5. 10 Reasons Getting a Divorce is Better Than Staying Together Part 1

    Why Leaving is Better Than Staying in a Bad Marriage Being married can offer a couple such bliss in life. But though you both felt bliss at one time, that does not mean it is a permanent state. Unfortunately, time can change people, and spouses can grow apart and want different things. The strain on…Read More

  6. 10 Divorce Tips for Women PART 2

    Divorce Tips for Women Divorce is tough. There is really no way to sugar coat it. Ending a relationship for good can be taxing on you mentally, emotionally, and financially. But, just because the process can have negative aspects, does not mean that the process cannot be improved. For one, there are…Read More

  7. 10 Divorce Tips for Women

    How to Get Through Your Divorce Divorce can be a difficult process that takes months to finalize. With this in mind, you need to take steps to ensure the health of yourself and your family throughout the entire process. Of course, when we talk about health, we are referring to your overall mental, p…Read More

  8. Divorce Lawyers Present Adultery Statistics

    The Statistics Behind Cheating On Your Spouse It is rarely disputed that adultery is morally wrong. Approximately 91 percent of Americans believe that adultery is morally wrong, yet 30 percent of those surveyed have admitted to being unfaithful. So, there is obviously a disconnect — everyone knows…Read More

  9. Divorce Lawyers for Adultery Cases in Oklahoma City

    The Price of Adultery Your spouse cheating on you breaks every vow they ever took when you both were initially married. When you were married, you both made a promise to each other to stay true. However, sometimes, spouses don’t keep their promises and choose to spend their time elsewhere. Adulter…Read More