Why Leaving is Better Than Staying in a Bad Marriage

Being married can offer a couple such bliss in life. But though you both felt bliss at one time, that does not mean it is a permanent state. Unfortunately, time can change people, and spouses can grow apart and want different things. The strain on your relationship can cause incredible amounts of stress and pain to you and your family. In this blog, we will be discussing the reasons why it is better to choose to get a divorce rather than stay in an unhappy marriage.
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1. Why Be Unhappy When You Don’t Have to Be?

Being in an unhappy marriage can be a weight too much to bear. When you are unhappy, your whole outlook on life can change. Instead of doing the things you want to do, you can be bogged down by the emotions and feelings of loss, anger, sadness, and disappointment. Drifting apart from your spouse isn’t always anyone’s fault. Time, unfortunately, can make two people drift apart and want different things. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you are most likely unhappy throughout your day. Life is short, so why stay in a marriage that you know is no good for your conscious and self-esteem?

2. Divorce Can Give You Freedom

When it comes to divorce, many women choose to stay with their spouse due to a survival instinct. They believe, that without their partner, they would not be able to support themselves or their children. True, marriage does offer an incredible sense of security. It also can be an unsuspecting cage; because you feel unable to support yourself, you could stay trapped in an unhappy relationship.
Moving on is scary, and marriage offers a wide range of securities. But, even with these securities in mind, they do not compare to the freedom you will feel once you are free of an unhappy marriage. Being single again offers you a way to free yourself of terrible emotions and offers you a way to start fresh with someone new.

3. You Don’t Have to Pretend Anymore!

Pretending everything is fine when it obviously isn’t is the worst feeling. There is something so disingenuous about pretending you are in a happy marriage, especially when trying to keep up appearances with your friends, family, and even your kids. And yet, with all of your pretending, some of your unhappiness can slip through the cracks and everyone is clued in that something isn’t right. For children for instance, though they are young, can pick up on little things such as body language, verbal inflections, and so on. And, of course, if you are fighting with your spouse in front of your children, they can learn that that is the way to speak to their significant others in the future.
Pretending can be exhausting, especially when it isn’t working and covering up the nasty bits of your relationship. No matter how much you try, pretending isn’t a solution to your marital problems. In fact, doing nothing and numbing yourself to your unhappiness is the best way to make things worse for you, your spouse, and your children.

4. Do It For Your Children

If not for you, perhaps divorcing your spouse is a good choice for your children. As stated, pretending everything is fine almost never works. Your children can definitely tell something is wrong with their parent’s relationship, even when they don’t yet fully understand what marriage is. Body language, harsh words, and even physical violence is never an okay environment for a child. Though these types of aggression may not be targeted towards your children, watching physical and verbal violence can teach your children wrong lessons about relationships.

5. A Happy Parent is a Better Parent

When you are happy with yourself, your life, and your marital situation, you are a better parent to your child. Feeling free, fulfilled, and hungry for life is what can make you a better parent to your child and teach them the right sorts of lessons. Divorce can be very freeing and give you back a sense of purpose. With your feelings of freedom, you can also be allowed to focus on you and the well-being of your child.

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